Why Support Local Businesses? 

We’ve all known how important it is to support local businesses. Buy local, eat local, go local. But sometimes buying locally can be difficult – due to price, availability or convenience. Still, choosing community businesses can be worthwhile and is well worth advocating for. When it comes to supporting local businesses, you’re not just helping your community – you might be surprised how much it can help you right back! So, let’s check out why supporting local actually helps you out in the long run! 

 1. What Happens in the Community, Stays in the Community  

Did you know that every dollar spent at an independent business contributes three times more money into the local economy when compared to money spent at a chain? It does. Money spent locally stays in the community. When small businesses are strong, the community and local economy are strengthened, as small businesses often give back to the community in ways such as: donating to local charities, buying or financially backing other independent groups and supporting other local businesses. So, support your local economy by skipping the big chains and doing some of your shopping at the little mom and pop shops downtown! 

2. Community Involvement  

Is there a local cause that you support? Well, many independent business owners give back to their community and donate to local causes. You can find several business owners in town that have made donations to the causes they care about. We’re not talking just charity, either – a lot of local businesses support sports teams, activities, and field trips offered throughout the area. schools. So, in turn supporting them helps support the local causes you and your family are passionate about.  

3. Lower Your Taxes 

Everyone loves lower taxes, and supporting your local businesses can and will help to do just that! Local businesses pay taxes just like you do, so with more of them splitting the tax burden, everyone pays a little less. They also use land efficiently by having central locations, and place less demand on a community’s roads, sewers, and safety services since they’re right here. Generating more tax revenue per sales dollar means a greater percentage of local businesses help in keeping your taxes lower, compared to the mega stores around town.  

4. Roots Mean Respect 

Local business owners have roots in the community, just like you. Since they and their families live here, independent business owners tend to make decisions with their community in mind. They’re motivated to improve everything about the area they live and work in, and everyone loves a good neighbor, right?  

5. Customer Service and Prices 

Big box stores don’t control the pricing of their products, as they sell their products at a rate based on what the manufacturer suggests. However, small business owners are more likely to go above and beyond for their customers. Being personally invested in their business, they are often more flexible when it comes to pricing their products and services, as reputation and quality is very important to all small business owners. Even if they can’t lower the price on something, they often offer goods, services, and even personal touches you won’t get from a national chain. 

6. You’ll Get Unique Products 

Unlike those big corporations, shopping locally is going to offer you unique products that you likely won’t find anywhere else! You can find unique gifts, delicious homemade food and local produce, twists on traditional tools and products, or entirely new products that you didn’t even know you needed in your life. Attend a local market event to find out just how a business puts their soul into their products. Innovation really happens at home! 

7. Encourages Entrepreneurship   

How does a business community thrive? When someone decides they want to go into business for themself. Supporting those who strive to succeed on their own and thrive encourages others to follow in their footsteps. It creates challenging competition between local businesses, spurring innovation and keeping prices competitive. And often, small businesses will support each other, since a strong local economy helps everyone! 

Local businesses are the backbone of any small community. They’re our neighbors, friends, and family. Not only do they offer specialized goods and services you may not find on a local level, but they offer service that goes above and beyond, with special personalized touches a big chain just can’t. If you haven’t checked out a new local business lately, take a stroll downtown and see who’s there!