Hey, do we love a good Wisconsin road trip! When hitting the open road north to Boulder Junction this fall, make sure to stop at your local The Store, for gas, food, and more! There is just something special about packing up your car, cranking up the tunes (or a podcast or audio book) and heading into the Great Outdoors. Picking up snacks from The Store saves time, giving you more time to plan your route, figure out what you want to see and do when you get there, and decide who your best navigator is. Luckily, The Store has lots of healthy, all-natural ready-to-eat snacks for your next trip!

We pulled together a list of all our favorite healthy (well, mostly) road trip snack ideas – most of what you will see here is grab-and-go friendly to help you quickly find some goodies for your next journey!

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It happens to the best of us: we plan the perfect fishing trip with friends, load up our tackle, poles, life jackets, live bait from The Store, change of socks… all the good stuff. And then we get to the lake, and we don’t have… something. Live Canadian Crawlers, Leaf Worms. Pliers. Our lucky sinker for checking depth. It’s never the same thing twice, but it’s always something.

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Whether you have recently started driving, just got a new car or have been driving for years, car fresheners can be a car owner’s best friend.  

Who wants to get in a car that smells like your old gym shoes? Well, besides your dog? Which at times can bring a whole bunch of less-than-desirable smells. With such a wide variety of options to choose from, scents  typically reflect your personality! Trust us, this is like science or something.  

Join us as we chat about air fresheners which are conveniently carried at The Store and what they can mean about you as a driver😎 

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Everyone knows one of the best parts of a baseball game is the concessions. For some of us, that’s the main attraction! Read more

Eat Like the Stars  Celebrities are just like us. They get dressed in the morning, they adore their pets, and of course they love a good snack! Although many celebrities enjoy super healthy options, some just can’t resist some good old fashioned comfort food! Here are some of the snacks that you can find at […]

The Store 5% off gift Cards holiday shopping

The holiday season is on the way. You know what that means – it’s almost time to tackle another year of holiday shopping. Yikes. It might be the most wonderful time of the year, but trying to find that special item for everyone on your list can be anything but wonderful. Before the stress sets in and your bank account […]

New year, new you. You probably hear this saying (or see it in your Instagram feeda lot every time January 1st rolls around.  

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Pumpkin Spice Coffee and Cappuccino at The Store

Fall is in the air! The weather is crisp, leaves are beginning to change, and you can finally wear your favorite sweater againThere are so many great things happening this time of year, but we think the most exciting part of autumn is warm, cozy, and comes in a Styrofoam cup…Pumpkin Spice Coffee and Cappuccino! 

That’s right, the wait is over. You can enjoy Pumpkin Spice Coffee and Cappuccino all season long at The Store! To make your sipping experience even better, we’ve gathered a list of fun autumn activities to get you in that spooky season mood. Read on! 

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Super Saver Gas Discounts at The Store Impact Rewards+

We all love the convenience of driving. Paying for gas…not so much. But, it’s a necessary part of car ownership. If you want to get somewhere, you’ve got to have fuel! 

At The Store, we make buying gas better. How, you ask? By rewarding you with gas discounts for purchasing qualifying products.  

What’s that? Tell you more? We’d be happy to. 

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Sweet Corn Field Wisconsin Midwest

It is officially sweet corn season in the Midwest. Farm fields have grown tall and the corn is ready to be enjoyed...on the cob, in a casserole, as a side dish, you name it! 

We LOVE sweet corn and wish it was in season all year long. But then again, the fact that the local corn harvest comes around once a year makes it that much more special. Plus, it got us thinking of all the wonderful snacks made from corn that can be enjoyed all year long at The Store. Lend an “ear” and we’ll tell you all about ‘em! 

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