Vote for your Favorite Furry Friend

We LOVE pets. In honor of our Buy A Bone and Perks For Pets promotions supporting local humane societies and animal shelters, we asked you to share your best pet photos with us…and you answered! Check out the adorable photo submissions below. Then, vote for your favorite photo in the comment section at the bottom of the page. The pet parent with the most votes will win a $25 The Store gift card! Voting will close Wednesday October 28th at 11:59 pm.

Without further ado, check out these photogenic pets!


Jacob the Cat Vote for your Favorite Pet

Jacob is hanging out in foster care at the Humane Society of Marathon County. He’s relaxing with his coffee until he’s old enough for adoption!

Submitted by Jessie N.


Molly the Cat Vote for your Favorite Pet

Molly was adopted from the Delta Animal Shelter in 2012. This is her “Happy Gotcha Day” anniversary picture!

Submitted by Barb S.


Athena the Dog Vote for your Favorite Pet

Athena the husky was adopted from the Green Bay Humane Society. She is a mellow, easy going fluff ball and loves hanging out with her pals!

Submitted by Arlene S. 


Missy the Cat Vote for your favorite pet

Missy is a 9 year old tailless Manx cat. She loves belly rubs!

Submitted by Toni G. 


Angus the Dog Vote for your favorite pet

Angus is a caring canine who thinks every dog needs a loving home. He loves his duck toy, Mr. Quackers!

Submitted by Yvonne Q.


Callie the Dog Vote for your favorite pet

Callie loves to dig and chase critters. She would spend all day at the park if she could!

Submitted by Taylyn B.


Lassie the Dog Vote for your favorite pet

Lassie is a beautiful collie. Collies shed A LOT of fur in fall and spring to prepare for the upcoming seasons of winter and summer. Lassie’s family brushes and vacuums her to help control the hair!

Submitted by Hunter B.


Sunday the Dog Vote for your favorite pet

Sunday loves to steal her mom’s pillow and hog the blankets in the middle of the night!

Submitted by Emily G. 


Jasper the cat Vote for your favorite pet

Jasper is a 10 year old boy who loves to snuggle. An interesting fact about Jasper is that he doesn’t “meow”…he squeaks instead!

Submitted by Jakki K.

Ellie the Cat

Ellie the Cat Vote for your favorite pet

Ellie is 11 and was adopted 4 years ago from Lincoln County Humane Society. Ellie is in diabetic remission! She used to need insulin injections, but no longer needs them and is much healthier now.

Submitted by Mara T.

Ellie the Dog

Ellie the Dog Vote for your favorite pet

Ellie loves autumn. Doesn’t she look great against this beautiful background of leaves?

Submitted by Cody L.


Spartacus the dog Vote for your favorite pet

Spartacus is a world-class napper!

Submitted by Tina S.


Oakley the dog Vote for your favorite pet

Oakley loves looking for frogs in the pond!

Submitted by Jennifer M.


Nala the Dog Vote for your favorite pet

Nala’s favorite season is autumn because she loves to chase the blowing leaves!

Submitted by Sabra C.


Remmy the Dog Vote for your favorite pet

Remmy is far from purebred but to his family, he is everything! ♥

Submitted by Candace M.


Midnight the cat Vote for your favorite pet

Midnight was a stray. He was taken in by his family about 3 1/2 years ago. Every morning when his mom hits the snooze button, he jumps up in bed and headbutts her until she gets up!

Submitted by Faith M. 


Remington the Dog

Remington loves to chase anything that moves…especially squirrels!

Submitted by Dannelle H.


Diesel the Dog Vote for your favorite pet

Diesel loves his ball, or any ball for that matter. He loves to run around and play outside!

Submitted by Christina G.

Lacy & Jack

Lacy and Jack the Dogs Vote for your favorite pet

Lacy & Jack talk to their family constantly and regularly say hello when they arrive home. They are two peas in a pod!

Submitted by Nicole B.


Kerby the dog Vote for your favorite pet

Kerby has a great smile…but you already knew that. 😉

Submitted by Kimberly B.


Petunia the dog Vote for your favorite pet

Petunia’s skills include napping and stealing your heart.

Submitted by Crystal R. 

Beef & Cheese

Beef and Cheese the kittens vote for your favorite pet

Beef (left) and his brother Cheese (right) were rescued from a farm after their mother disappeared. They now have a loving home where they enjoy snoozing, romping, begging for canned food an hour before dinner time, and unspooling the toilet paper roll.

Submitted by Brett H.

Remember, cast your vote below by adding a comment on this blog. May the best photo win!

Help Support Local Pets Here's How

We LOVE animals and we LOVE the communities we call home. This month, we’re excited to support both through our Perks For Pets and Buy A Bone promotions! October 1st – 24th, you can raise much-needed funding for the animal shelter or humane society in your area when you visit The Store...and there’s two great ways to help. No bones about it!

Buy A Bone and Perks For Pets Promotions at The Store

Perks For Pets 

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, need of some CATfinationWhen you enjoy a 24 oz. hot beverage at The Store, not only will you get to use the new (and adorable) Furry Friends cup, but you can also treat yourself to a David’s Muffin for only 59¢! Now, that’s a deal that will have you feline fine no matter how ruff the day. 

The best part? A portion of each hot beverage and muffin purchase will go to the animal shelter or humane society in your area! You can help local pets find their furever home by simply enjoying coffee and a muffin. Supporting animals in need has never been easier…or more delicious! 

Buy A Bone 

In addition to Perks For Pets, you can also support your local shelter through our annual (and very pup-ular) Buy A Bone promotion. At the register, you’ll have the option to buy paper bones for $1, $5, and $10. Buy one (or more!) and sign your bone to show your supportPsst – You can even get creative and write the name of a pet! The purchased bones will be displayed inside The Store to celebrate the generosity and kindness of our GuestsALL funds raised from paper bone sales go directly to the shelter in your area, and we’re not kitten! What could be more purrfect? 

Benefiting Animal Shelters 

The following shelters will receive the funds raised in their respective markets through the Perks For Pets and Buy A Bone promotions: 

The impact of COVID-19 has limited the ways shelters receive support, including decreased volunteer work and a limited ability to host fundraising events. But, we need to stay pawsitiveNow more than ever, we hope you’ll join us in assisting the wonderful shelters in our communities. Your support will go a long way toward maintaining the well-being of sheltered animals while they await a loving home. Thank you fur your help, our Guests sure are pawsome! 

P.S. — We Want to Feature Your Pet! 

Have adorable photos of your pet? We’d love to see themdoggonit! 😁 Connect with The Store on social media and share your best pet photos with us. Include your pet’s name and a fun fact about them. We’re basically the puparazziA  few lucky photos will be featured on The Store’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages during the Perks For Pets and Buy A Bone promotions.