Haul Before the Hunt with Products from The Store WI and MI

Tis the season… hunting season, that is! No matter whether you’re going after antlers, fur, or feathers, there’s a few things ALL hunters need before heading out to the tree stand or duck blind.

1. A Steaming Cup of Joe

First things first… coffee! We know you’re up before the sun to get ready and trek out to your secret hunting spot. It’s not always easy to wake up before 6 am knowing you’ll be sitting out in the cold waiting for an animal or two to come meandering by, though.

But hey, don’t worry! We’ve got just the thing to motivate those early mornings and keep you toasty out in the wilderness: a fresh cup of coffee from The Store! You’ll always find Aromas coffee hot, delicious and ready to go. No matter what gets you going in the morning… fresh ground, black, flavored, blended, or cappuccino flavors… we’ve got it all. (Pro Tip: we even have camouflage cups. Pretty cool, huh?)

2. Warm Hands = Steady Aim

On to the next order of business… how will you keep your hands from freezing after the coffee is all gone? The last thing you want is for your hands to be shivering and unsteady from the cold while you’re aiming at the biggest buck or flock you’ve ever seen in your life. Trust us, the nerves won’t help with that either!

Not to fear, you can pick up hand warmers at The Store! Remember to grab a few sets, along with your morning coffee, to ensure you’ll be toasty and prepared all hunt long!

3. Beat the Mid-Morning Munchies

By now, you’ve been sitting in your stand or blind for a few hours without much luck. Your stomach is grumbling and your patience is wearing thin. What can you do? You definitely can’t head in yet!

Well, we can help you out here too. The Store has an amazing selection of snacks to help keep your hunger at bay and your focus on the hunt.

Candy bars, cheese curds, meat sticks, cookies, and beef jerky are just a few of the many options. We suggest steering clear of crunchy foods while you’re out hunting, though – we’d hate for your bag of chips to scare away the critters!

4. Beer, Beer & More Beer

Well, you’re back in from the woods. Whether or not you managed to snag that big buck or a few plump ducks, your dedication to the hunt deserves to be celebrated!

Gather your hunting buddies, cook up a hearty dinner, and knock back a few brews. The Store has everything ranging from local and domestic beer to seasonal and unique flavors.

Whatever you’re feeling, make sure to pick up enough to get you and your crew through the whole weekend. After all, this is the one of the best parts of hunting season!

5. Did Anyone Bring Advil?

It’s Sunday morning of opening weekend and you’re feeling worse for wear. You’re up early to squeeze in some time in the woods, but after a late night filled with good beer and great friends, we’ll that can bring on a headache in the toughest of us.

Lucky for you, you remembered to grab Advil from The Store! Wash two of those life-saving tablets down with a big glass of water, and viola, your morning hunt is saved! Good thing you got your hunting essentials from The Store, huh?


We wish all hunters a safe, fun, and prosperous season. No matter what your hunting needs are, we’ve got you covered. Head over to The Store to stock up on the necessities to keep you fueled, warm, and fed all autumn long. Happy hunting!