Eat Like the Stars 

Celebrities are just like us. They get dressed in the morning, they adore their pets, and of course they love a good snack! Although many celebrities enjoy super healthy options, some just can’t resist some good old fashioned comfort food! Here are some of the snacks that you can find at The Store for a little taste of celebrity! 

A Childhood Favorite 

  • Out of all the different types of cookies out there, Demi Lovato loves a good classic chocolate chip cookie. Here at The Store, you can pick up one of our fresh chocolate chip cookies made by David’s Cookies.  
  • Although Hugh Jackman is not a Wisconsin native, he just can’t get enough of good cheese and wine. You can find both at The Store for when you’re headed to the next Girl’s Night – even if he didn’t RSVP! 
  • The director of the classic film E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Steven Spielberg was originally going to have Elliot leave a trail of M&Ms for E.T. to follow. When they didn’t receive the right to use M&Ms in the movie Spielberg opted to use Reese’s Pieces instead, those bite sized peanut butter candies became Spielberg’s favorite snack.  

Can’t Pick Just One Favorite Snack 

  • Hitting all the major food groups, Selena Gomez loves pickles, Hot Cheetos and chocolate. Hopefully not all in one mouthful! Grab some Dilly Bites, Hottie Bites, or Sassy Bites from Oh Snap! Pickling Co., hop over to the chip aisle for a bag of Hot Cheetos, pick up a classic Hershey bar and you’re set! 
  • Actress Kate Hudson can’t decide between Goldfish, crackers or donuts, so she just eats all three. You’ll find a huge variety of crackers at The Store. And stop in for fresh donuts and made to order Bean-To-Cup coffee for a morning treat!   

All Salty, No Sweet 

  • When you have that salt craving in those late hours of the night, reach for Tracee Ellis Ross’s favorite salty midnight snack: potato chips. Ross creeps down to the kitchen and opens a new bag of potato chips. So next time you need to curb that salty need head to your local The Store.  
  • Coming in many different flavors and styles, Chex Mix is the best of the best – just ask Seth Meyers! We think he’d be pretty happy with the selection of flavors we always have at The Store.  

Getting Cool 

  • Being a big lover of Cool Ranch Doritos, Jennifer Lawrence can’t help herself but grab a few whenever she passes a bag. How about you? 
  • If ice cream was the last thing left on the planet, Olympian Lindsey Vonn, Actress Ellie Kemper, and singer Rihanna would be in absolute paradise. Both Vonn and Kemper will reach for the closest pint of ice cream no matter the flavor. Rihanna will always choose to eat her favorite: chocolate ice cream. Luckily, Cedar Crest Ice Cream makes all sorts of decadent flavors! 

If it’s Sour, then it’s for… 

  • Best-selling cookbook author Chrissy Teigen is a bona-fide foodie, but she just can’t resist a good bag of Sour Patch Kids, Sour Punch Straws, and Peanut M&M’s, all of which can be picked up from your local The Store location.  
  • Co-stars on This is Us Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia are known to keep a stash of SweeTarts and Nerds in their dressing rooms. We can’t blame them! 

Ultimate Breakfast Comfort Food 

  • The Office actress Angela Kinsey can’t get enough of those thick, flakey breakfast biscuits and the most perfect tater tot/hashbrown she can get. If that sounds good to you too, stop in and grab a freshly made ham, egg, cheese breakfast biscuit sandwich with a side of tater tots. 
  • Don’t get between model Gisele Bündchen and fresh donut holes. Choose from powdered, chocolate covered, cinnamon sugar, glazed or nutty donut holes either for yourself or to share with your favorite co-workers (especially your fashion model co-workers).  

One Tall Glass of… 

  • In the morning if your favorite drink is Simply Orange juice and your lunchtime drink is a Diet Coke, then get ready for this. Taylor Swift will always choose either an orange juice or a Diet Coke – just don’t mix these two, as it might not be a good combination. But on a hot day, don’t try to keep T-Swift from her favorite drinks.  
  • Investment guru Warren Buffett will always invest in a tall, cold glass of Cherry Coke. You? We have to agree with him that a cold Cherry Coke sounds great after a long day at work! Stop into The Store and head straight for the drink coolers!  

While we aren’t holding out hope any of these celebrities will swing by The Store any time soon, we hope to see you come for one of your favorites next time you stop at your local The Store location. If you’re looking for something new, pick up a few of these stars’ favorite snacks and try them for yourself!