Eat Like the Stars  Celebrities are just like us. They get dressed in the morning, they adore their pets, and of course they love a good snack! Although many celebrities enjoy super healthy options, some just can’t resist some good old fashioned comfort food! Here are some of the snacks that you can find at […]

With the holidays just around the corner, we might as well talk about Wisconsin’s official state fruit. As the nation’s leading producer of cranberries, we harvest more than 60% of the country’s crop right here in our home state. Growing across 20 counties in Wisconsin, the 21,000 acres of sand and peat marshes in both Central and Northern Wisconsin create the perfect growing conditions for those little red berries.  

The cranberry was once called “crane berry” by early European settlers as the fruit blossoms resembled the head and neck of the sandhill crane. They were first harvested around 1860 by Edward Sacket in Berlin, Wisconsin. These days, more than 250 farmers produce cranberries throughout Central and Northern Wisconsin.  

Contrary to popular belief, cranberries don’t actually grow in water, as they’re a perennial plant. Cranberries grow on low running vines in sandy bogs and marshes. Each harvest season, farmers will flood the marshes and bogs with water to aid in the harvesting. These tart, tiny berries contain a pocket of air, so when the marshes are flooded the berries float up to the surface! That makes it much easier to harvest every year from late September through October.  

So, with the holidays right around the corner, grab yourself some Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice from The Store, or maybe treat yourself to a Kind Bar or two while you enjoy your autumn with friends and family.  

If you want to check out more about our great state’s fruit, check out this link! 

Well October is here, and we’re ready for a good scare!  

As much fun as it is to dole out tiny candy bars to adorable kids in cute costumes, we love to get out a few times during scare season for some bone chilling thrills. And since we love to keep things local, here’s a list of some of the best haunted houses, train rides, and combination events Wisconsin has to offer! 

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It’s hard to pick just one favorite thing about Wisconsin fall, but corn mazes are near the top of our list! Many’s a friend we’ve had over the years who rolled their eyes at the idea of wandering lost through towering stalks of corn. Once we dragged the unbelievers into the unknown, however, they always wind up being the first people to tag everyone when a new maze design starts showing up on Facebook. 

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In honor of our Buy A Bone campaign to support local animal shelters and humane societies, we want to celebrate pets in our communities…and one of our favorite ways to do it is with a Pet Photo Contest!

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reusable cup eco reduce reuse

It’s estimated that in the U.S., we throw away about 120 billion disposable cups each year. From styrofoam to plastic to paper, there are many types of disposable cups—not to mention lids and straws—that end up in landfills throughout the world every single day.  Now more than ever, many businesses and consumers strive to make […]

Have you heard one of the inspiring stories about someone going through a drive thru and when they pull up to the window the employee tells them, “The car in front of you paid for your order”? Oftentimes, the person who received the free meal or beverage decides to continue to pay it forward and pay for the order of the car behind them.

Those random acts of kindness are at the heart of our annual Take Time, Be Kind Campaign at The Store. The communities in which we are located are our homes and neighborhoods. It’s where we see our friends and neighbors every day. Our goal for the Take Time, Be Kind campaign is simple: to encourage you to spread kindness towards everyone you see. 

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