With the holiday season now upon us, the world has gone into a frenzy trying to find the best gifts for our loved ones.

Finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your list is one of the hardest parts of the holidays. Usually, the last thing on our minds while shopping for those you love is trying to stay under budget. If, like us, you struggle with responsible gift shopping, take a look at some tips to help you save this holiday season!

  1. Set a budget: Set yourself a limit to how much you can spend for the holidays and then stick to it (more on this in a moment)! Take into account the many people you might be buying gifts for and decide how much you want to spend for each of them as well as a total budget (that’s just a BIT higher than individual budget amounts). This modest “slush” amount will come in handy should you find a gift that’s slightly out of budget, but just too perfect to pass up. This way you won’t be hurting from overspending during the holidays!
  2. Track your spending: Once you have a budget, it is important to stick to it! By keeping track of your spending, you are able to limit unnecessary purchases and stop yourself from going over budget. If you end up under budget, don’t be tempted to use up the remainder just because you can. Going under budget means you did good!
  3. Start shopping early: If you are able to start planning sooner than later it can be easier to spot early deals and discounts that can help keep you stay under budget while still giving great gifts to the people you care about.
  4. Buy gift cards for less: The Store convenience store offers 5% off on gift cards throughout the holiday season to save you money while providing an amazing, thoughtful, and versatile gift for loved ones. Pro tip: You can also use our gift cards at Schierl Tire & Service Center locations!
  5. Create a list: Creating a master list of all the gifts you want to purchase can also help keep away unnecessary purchases and keep you organized… as long as you stick to it!
  6. Look for deals and discounts near you: Clipping coupons, searching for deals and checking out sales can save some serious money! The holiday season is the best time to search for deals as stores are always running sales. Make sure you check out Black Friday deals too! You might be surprised how competitive local prices can be.
  7. Be smart with online shopping: It may seem like the easiest way to shop but it also very easy to go over budget! Using online shopping filters can help you stay below budget while still finding exactly what you are looking for. Using that automatically apply discounts while online shopping makes saving money easier for you!

Overall, being proactive about your holiday shopping and sticking to your plan can really help you have a successful holiday season!

We know it is important to save money where you can, especially during the holiday season. To make shopping easier and more cost effective we are offering 5% off gift cards until December 31st! A gift card from The Store is so versatile that everyone can find a use from it, especially since you can use The Store gift cards on gas, goodies and more at our Convenience Store locations and on tires and automotive service at  Schierl Tire & Service Center locations.

Happy Holidays!