Meet Riley!

Riley is part of Tracy W.’s family. Tracy is the Leader of our Accounts Payable team at our main office in Stevens Point. Riley is kind of silly – he only drinks water from the tub faucet Tracy keeps him nice and safe during hunting season with his cozy blaze orange scarf.

Meet Opie and Lola!

Opie and Lola are part of Molly H.’s family. Molly is the Administrative Services Assistant at our main office in Stevens Point. Molly says, “Lola is 5 months old and very mischievous and leaves a path of destruction in her wake!” She doesn’t like sharing with Opie. Opie is almost 10 years old and is trying to keep up with the new puppy. He does many tricks, including sit, stay, roll over, gives kisses, and even plays dead if you pretend to shoot him with your finger and say, “Bang.”

Meet Thor and Rufus!

Thor and Rufus are part of Rayelle G.’s family. Rayelle is a Marketing Representative at our main office in Stevens Point.
Thor is a 3 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever who loves to duck hunt with Rayelle’s dad and grandpa. Rayelle says, “Although Thor is a big ‘scary’ looking dog, he is the biggest baby and thinks he’s a lap dog.” Thor knows a ton of tricks, but his favorite is giving high fives.
Rufus is a 6 month old Cockapoo who loves to antagonize Thor and chase him around the house. They sure do look funny playing together because of their size difference! But that doesn’t stop Rufus – he thinks they are the same size! Rufus is starting to learn tricks from watching his older brother.

Meet Oreo Pudge Pie, aka Pudge!

Pudge part of Nya H.’s family. Nya is a Field Specialist who supports many of our The Store locations. Pudge is a Frenchie who turned one in March. He has heterochromia, which means he has two different color eyes. How cool!
Nya says, “He loves to steal the kids’ soft chairs and blankets whenever he can. He is like a small gremlin and makes many strange noises.”

Meet Edgar, Edna Rose, Spanx and Rex!

These friends are part of Alisha W.’s family. Alisha is an Associate at our Marshfield The Store.
Edgar (black cat) is 11 and loves to snuggle on the couch, eat and hang out with his brother Rex under the UV light.
Edna Rose (tabby cat) 6 and likes to watch tv, look outside and be held like a baby – sometimes .
Spanx (turtle) was rescued over 16 years ago in Chicago when he was just the size of a quarter! He likes to eat tuna and cooked chicken – but NO veggies! He also likes to explore and sister Edna follows close behind to watch out for him.
Rex (bearded dragon) is only 4 months old and was named after the infamous T-Rex. He usually eats 3-6 crickets per feeding, but sometimes likes to pig out on many more!

Meet Andrew (Andy)!

Andy is part of Brooklyn D.’s family. Brooklyn is a Marketing Representative at our main office.
Andy is a Cavalier King Charles who loves to chew on plastic hangers and any human food he can get his paws on (yes, he has stolen food out of children’s hand’s with zero remorse). Although he is small he likes to act like a guard dog by protecting the house from any intruders – mostly the neighbors walking or the mailman 
He has a ridiculous amount of energy like a toddler but also enjoys his naps. He LOVES to wear sweaters in the winter and will not let you take them off most of the time. Andy is a super cuddly, attention-hogging, needy dog, but he totally deserves it.

Meet Iggy, Remy and Boris!

These fluffy kitties are part of Co-CEO Fritz Schierl and his wife Julie’s family. Iggy (7 years, 24lbs) and half-brother Remy (6 years, 32lbs) are Mainecoons and Boris (4 years, 11lbs) is a Siberian Forest Cat. They are all super smart and enjoy going outside in the yard when the weather is nice. Like most cats, they love cat nip and new empty boxes! You can see more of Iggy – and sometimes her brothers – on her Instagram page at iggy_mainecoon_of_plover.

Meet Coco!

Coco is part of Kathy O.’s family. Kathy is the leader of our marketing team.
Kathy says, “Coco is our favorite human diva dog.” Look at those eyes! Coco loves to play fetch, steal clean laundry, dance, and take up the most room on the bed. She snores louder than a bear and is a happy, silly, sassy dog. She shows off her silly side by hopping around when she is happy and taking naps on the coffee table.

Meet Max, Cardinal, and Darby!

These furry friends are part of Kerry M.’s family. Kerry is an Association Services Representative at our main office.
Max (Maxi-Cat, Maxwell) is a 10-year-old feral (now mostly tame) kitty that was found in the engine of a lady’s car when he was only 4 weeks old. He is mainly an outside mouser that is a fraidy cat but is vocal and loving when he comes in the house. He has lived an interesting life outdoors but is finding indoor retirement to be pleasant and cushy and has been spending more and more time sleeping on a soft bed and sprawling on the back of the couch. Cardinal is a 5-year-old barn kitty with MAJOR attitude. She often goes by Cardi-B and enjoys a daily spa treatment of warm water gently dribbled on her back, followed by a light brushing to smooth out her fur. She doesn’t really meow but more eeks and squeaks when she wants attention – on her own schedule, of course. Darby is a 3-year-old Husky from a rescue organization in Minnesota. She also goes by the name of Darby Jean (when she’s naughty), Darbaleeta (when she is being goofy) and Darbs (when she’s being lazy). She likes to leap when let out in the backyard, thinking she can catch the squirrels as they run up the trees. Her favorite pastime is pinning Cardinal the cat down on the carpet and nibbling until Cardinal surrenders with a squeak.

Meet Taco!

Taco is part of Roy H.’s family. Roy is the Director of Convenience Store Operations for The Store.  He truly is a festive and handsome man!

Meet Magic!

Magic is part of Sarah P.’s family. Sarah is our Administrative Services Advisor at our main office. About Magic: Magic turns 18 in September! You can usually find him lounging or begging for pets. Stay tuned for more pics of animal friends from our Team Schierl family!