What Does Your Air Freshener Say About You?

Whether you have recently started driving, just got a new car or have been driving for years, car fresheners can be a car owner’s best friend.  

Who wants to get in a car that smells like your old gym shoes? Well, besides your dog? Which at times can bring a whole bunch of less-than-desirable smells. With such a wide variety of options to choose from, scents  typically reflect your personality! Trust us, this is like science or something.  

Join us as we chat about air fresheners which are conveniently carried at The Store and what they can mean about you as a driver😎 

New Car Scent 

Whether your car is new to you, or you just love that new car smell, this air freshener is a classic. Those who opt for the new car scent most likely have an unbreakable bond with their car. They usually care about keeping it clean and tidy, and smelling fresh like it is right from the dealership, they might even name their vehicle!😁 

Personality: Organized, tidy, maybe a little uptight but in a good way. 


Vanilla is the OG air freshener, with a sweet and comforting scent. Who doesn’t love vanilla? Those who typically use a vanilla air fresheners reflect the aroma as being sweet and liked among others! 

Personality: Pleasant, comfy, good in cookies. 

Bayside Breeze  

If you want your car smelling like a refreshing coastal breeze when you hop in, you probably would much rather be soaking up the sun! The refreshing scent of Bayside Breeze reminds those of the warm and comforting days of summer, when we played outside with our friends until mom called us home for dinner or your favorite beach vacation! This car freshener is for those who want to escape to a sunny paradise every time they are in their vehicle!  

Personality: Outdoorsy, grounded, winter-averse. 

Black Ice  

This air freshener has a very strong following. You either love it or you don’t – there is no in between! It has similarities to the ‘new car’ smell and is known for giving off a masculine and adventurous scent, which pairs well with the bold and adventurous drivers!  

Personality: Axe Body Spray 

Overall, Any scent is better than dirty gym shoes. But we think that having a bit of fun with car accessories helps you make your car your own. Stop in and pick up your go-to air freshener in preparation for spring and those upcoming Summer road trips!! 🌞

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