When was the last time a small gesture of kindness left you smiling through the rest of your day? What was it? Did a stranger smile while they held the door open? Did a little kid point to your silly t-shirt in delight? Did someone wave you through an intersection even though it was their turn?

Being kind to others increases your self-esteem, empathy, and compassion (toward yourself and others) – and if it has that profound effect on you, imagine how the recipient of your kindness feels! So, take a moment to spread warmth and kindness as often as possible. You’re not just improving someone else’s day; you’ll feel pretty good yourself!


You never know what people are going through day-to-day, so it is important to remember that simply listening and showing interest in others can make a huge difference in their day – and ultimately yours. Ask your coworker how their kids’ sports team is doing or how that get together was this weekend. Showing that you listen to others when they share and remember enough to ask how it went makes them feel important and cared about, just think about how you feel when someone remembers small pieces of information that you’ve shared?


Grabbing a coffee and a muffin before work? Stop at The Store and Get any size coffee and a muffin for only $2.59. Get one for you and give one to a friend! This small gesture can show your appreciation for those around and give you the opportunity to build your relationship with them. Bringing in food may also help increase focus to those who may have not had enough to keep them energized and moving through the day!

Be Present

Another great way to practice kindness is to be present for those you care about. By taking the time to show up to events that support their hobbies and passions it can help strengthen your relationship. Showing up is the core of building strong bonds with others and opens you up to new opportunities.

Be Welcoming

Is there a new person starting in your department? Take the time to introduce yourself and get to know them. Maybe ask them to lunch or coffee and simply take the time to start building that relationship with them. Making your new colleague feel welcome can help the team adjust easier. And who knows! Maybe you will make a friend in the process!

Kindness is more than a behavior; it is a mindset that starts with being kind to yourself and others. When you are kind to yourself, it sets the standard for how you would treat others. Our Take Time, Be Kind campaign is simply so much more than a soft muffin and a hot drink. It’s a feeling that those actions bring: warmth and kindness.