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March 12th is National Girl Scout Day! We can all agree this is a day worth celebrating. But, before you put down your phone to grab that box of Thin Mints you just remembered you have stashed in the freezer from last year, you should know that there’s much more to Girl Scouts than matching uniforms and sweet treats.  


The Girl Scout program encourages and empowers girls to learn, grow, and do good in their communities (while selling delicious cookies along the way). We’ll support that any day! But the coolest part? Girl Scouts is celebrating its 108th year of shaping girls into the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Now, that’s truly something to celebrate. 


In our latest Walk Around Wednesday Facebook Live video, Co-CEO Bill Schierl met with local Girl Scout Troop #6102 to learn more about the activitiesplans and community impact of these young ladiesAnd, of course, we couldn’t leave out a question about those famous and delicious cookies! 


This troop is part of the Riverbend Service Area, covering the Stevens Point, Rosholt, Amherst, and Plainfield regions. They are also part of the Northwestern Great Lakes Girl Scout Council, which includes over 20,000 Girl Scouts and 1,400 troops and volunteers in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan…talk about amazing impact! 


Troop #6012 is made up of six girls from the Stevens Point area. While they’re a small group, they have a huge influenceThey gather 2 times per month to discuss upcoming events, plan activities, and lend a helping hand within the community. We were welcomed into one of their meetings to get the inside scoop! 


Girl Scout Troops Hope, Hadley, Elizabeth, Anneliese, Abby, and Izzie are guided by Troop Leaders Jessie and KareyTogether, these girls performed 150 hours of community service over the past year. A few ways Troop #6102 gave back included building a Buddy Bench for St. Stephen’s Elementary and creating 80 cat scratchers from cookie boxes, which were then donated to the Humane Society of Portage County. The Troop has also organized many service area-wide efforts, such as collecting warm clothing for Operation Bootstrap. In addition, each Scout earned their Presidential Volunteer Service Award. They never hesitate to lend a helping hand and love to make their communities stronger! 


Ever wonder exactly WHY Girl Scouts sell cookies? Well, the money raised from cookie sales is used in many ways that promote selflessness as well as the importance of saving. Troop #6102 saves 1/3, donates 1/3, and puts 1/3 of the funds to different uses each yearSo cool! So, what will their 1/3 be used for this year? 


A trip to Savannah, Georgia 

That’s right, in late March Troop #6102 is hitting the road to travel to the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts organization. These girls worked hard to fund raise for this expedition. While there, they plan to learn more about Girl Scouts, dolphin watch, go on a kayak trip and visit Tybee Island. We wish them a safe, fun, and educational tripWhen they return, they’ll begin working toward earning the Bronze Award through community service. Great job, girls! 


Before saying goodbye, we just had to ask the Troops expert opinions on their favorite Girl Scout Cookie. The consensus: Peanut Butter Patties, S’mores, and Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies! YUM. 


Thanks for allowing us to visit and learn more about Girl Scouts, Troop #6102! 


“We’ll see you next time!” 

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