Girl Scouts The Store Walk Around Wednesday Local WIBlog

March 12th is National Girl Scout Day! We can all agree this is a day worth celebrating. But, before you put down your phone to grab that box of Thin Mints you just remembered you have stashed in the freezer from last year, you should know that there’s much more to Girl Scouts than matching uniforms and sweet treats.  


The Girl Scout program encourages and empowers girls to learn, grow, and do good in their communities (while selling delicious cookies along the way). We’ll support that any day! But the coolest part? Girl Scouts is celebrating its 108th year of shaping girls into the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Now, that’s truly something to celebrate. 


In our latest Walk Around Wednesday Facebook Live video, Co-CEO Bill Schierl met with local Girl Scout Troop #6102 to learn more about the activitiesplans and community impact of these young ladiesAnd, of course, we couldn’t leave out a question about those famous and delicious cookies! 


This troop is part of the Riverbend Service Area, covering the Stevens Point, Rosholt, Amherst, and Plainfield regions. They are also part of the Northwestern Great Lakes Girl Scout Council, which includes over 20,000 Girl Scouts and 1,400 troops and volunteers in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan…talk about amazing impact! 


Troop #6012 is made up of six girls from the Stevens Point area. While they’re a small group, they have a huge influenceThey gather 2 times per month to discuss upcoming events, plan activities, and lend a helping hand within the community. We were welcomed into one of their meetings to get the inside scoop! 


Girl Scout Troops Hope, Hadley, Elizabeth, Anneliese, Abby, and Izzie are guided by Troop Leaders Jessie and KareyTogether, these girls performed 150 hours of community service over the past year. A few ways Troop #6102 gave back included building a Buddy Bench for St. Stephen’s Elementary and creating 80 cat scratchers from cookie boxes, which were then donated to the Humane Society of Portage County. The Troop has also organized many service area-wide efforts, such as collecting warm clothing for Operation Bootstrap. In addition, each Scout earned their Presidential Volunteer Service Award. They never hesitate to lend a helping hand and love to make their communities stronger! 


Ever wonder exactly WHY Girl Scouts sell cookies? Well, the money raised from cookie sales is used in many ways that promote selflessness as well as the importance of saving. Troop #6102 saves 1/3, donates 1/3, and puts 1/3 of the funds to different uses each yearSo cool! So, what will their 1/3 be used for this year? 


A trip to Savannah, Georgia 

That’s right, in late March Troop #6102 is hitting the road to travel to the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts organization. These girls worked hard to fund raise for this expedition. While there, they plan to learn more about Girl Scouts, dolphin watch, go on a kayak trip and visit Tybee Island. We wish them a safe, fun, and educational tripWhen they return, they’ll begin working toward earning the Bronze Award through community service. Great job, girls! 


Before saying goodbye, we just had to ask the Troops expert opinions on their favorite Girl Scout Cookie. The consensus: Peanut Butter Patties, S’mores, and Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies! YUM. 


Thanks for allowing us to visit and learn more about Girl Scouts, Troop #6102! 


“We’ll see you next time!” 

The Store Impact Rewards+ Loyalty Program

The Store is your one-stop-shop for gasfood and more…So. Much. More! 


 When you’re out and about, save yourself a couple stops by shopping at The Store. You can pick up snacks, drinks, meals, milk, bread, and top off your tank all at one location. And that’s just scratching the surface! 


Convenient, quick, and friendly…that’s us!  


But what if we told you that you could be getting even more out of your visits to The Store? 


Intrigued? Read on! 


Did you know that The Store offers our Impact Rewards+ loyalty program to all Guests?! By becoming an Impact Rewards+ member, you’ll earn points on the purchases you’re already making every day. You can then use these points to claim rewards for fuel savings, discounted purchases, and TONS of free productsOh, AND exclusive deals on gas…yeah, you’ll get those, too. 


Seem too good to be true? Don’t bother pinching yourself, because Impact Rewards+ is as good as it sounds.  


So, how do you sign up? Just ask an Associate for a free Impact Rewards+ card, and then sign up for an account using either the Impact Rewards+ phone app or the in-store kiosk conveniently located within each location. Once your account has been created, use the app or kiosk to navigate to Card Management in Settings to link your Impact Rewards+ card by entering the 18-digit code on the back. Once your card is linked, you’re ready to start earning points and claiming rewards! 


For more information, visit 


Don’t wait, start saving today! 


The Store Impact Rewards+ card Loyalty Program

The Store Gas Station Take Time Be Kind Sticker Rolls

It’s that time of year…our annual Take Time, Be Kind Campaign is underway at The Store!  


Sure, we’ve got great coffee and muffin deals going on right now, but that’s not really what this campaign is all about. We’re talking about something much more meaningful than a creamy cappuccino or a fresh blueberry muffinkindness! 


We all know how busy life can be. Most of the time, it feels like were rushing from one thing to the nextbarely finding enough time to breathe. Some days, taking time to be kind is just not a priority 


Well, we’re here to help change that! 


Read on for 8 quick and easy ways to Take Time Be Kind this month: 


  1. Connect with a Friend 

Think of someone you haven’t had a chance to catch up with in a while. Maybe that person is a childhood friend who moved to a new city, a previous coworker you used to see every day, or even sweet old Granny or Grandpa. 

Have someone in mind? Great! 

Take a few minutes to pick up the phonegive them a call and let them know you care! 


  1. Pay Someone a Compliment  

Remember how great you felt when you were complimented on your new shoes? (And if you weren’t, hey! Nice shoes!) Well, you can pass that amazing feeling along with just a few simple words. 

Make a point to pay someone a compliment or two everyday this month. Whether you say a few kind words to a friend, family member, colleague, or even a stranger, your praise might just make their whole day! 


  1. Open a Door 

This one is super easy. Walking into the office? Out of the grocery store? Wherever you are, be sure to take an extra second to hold the door for the person behind you. Simple, considerate gestures can really go a long way! 


  1. Say Hello 

It feels great to be acknowledged by others. So, be sure to acknowledge those around you! Lend a friendly greeting to all you come acrossnot only are you spreading kindness, we’re pretty sure it will also make your day better!


  1. Help Someone 

Next time you see someone struggling with their grocery bags or awkwardly shuffling on an icy patch of ground, offer a helping hand. That person (and their unsquished tomatoes) will thank you! 


  1. Give a Hug 

Is one of your friends going through a rough patch or having an off day? There’s nothing quite like a hug from a loved one to help someone feel cared for. Go ahead, hold ‘em close. After all, what are friends for? 


  1. Say Thank You 

Okay, this one is also super easy. Make sure to thank your mailman, hairdresser, co-workers, waitress…everyone! There’s no better way to show someone you appreciate them and what they do. Maybe even leave a note and an Aromas coffee on someone’s desk or front door. Make it a habit to say thank you to everyone with a smile on your face! 


  1. Smile 

That reminds us, we almost forgot to mention the best one: smile! Smiles can light up a room, brighten someone’s day, and send positive vibes to everyone around. P.S. – They’re also contagious. Give a smile, we bet you’ll get one back! 


The truth is, none of us are ever too busy for these simple ways to be kind to others. Give out positivity and happiness, and that’s what you’ll get back. 


Take Time, Be Kind…It only takes a moment! 


Here in the Midwest, we have some cold winters…but we don’t need to tell you that! By the time February rolls around, most of us — no matter how much we love ice fishing or skiing — are wishing for longer days and dreaming of summertime.  


So, how can you make the most of the chilly weeks ahead? Join us at The Store as we warm up with our annual Take Time, Be Kind campaign! 


By taking part in this campaign, you’ll warm up literally and figuratively. How, you ask? With muffins, coffee, cappuccinos and kindness! 


 This month, we challenge you to take a few extra moments to spread kindness to othersMake a point to hold the door, smile at everyone you meet, and give out compliments left and right. It will make you (and everyone you come across) feel great! 


The Store Take Time Be Kind

Need some additional inspiration? Consider spreading kindness by paying it forward. Grab a couple muffins for your family, friends, teacher, or lighten up a stranger’s day with a sweet surprise. Maybe leave a cappuccino on your co-workers’ desk, bring a muffin to your hairdresser, or give someone a smiling “Take Time, Be Kind” sticker. Little gestures here and there can sure go a long way. Extra perk: we have Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee and Cappuccino flavors at The Store all month long to help melt away the winter blues! 


Remember to treat everyone you come across with courtesy, respect, and a smile. Kindness is free…so give it to everyone! You never know who you’ll positively impact in our communities.  


So, go ahead: lend a hand, hold a door, share a smile; we promise you’ll feel warmer on the inside (and not just because of the coffee)! 

The Store Convenience Store Healthy Snacks

We hope 2020 has been treating you well so far! What is your resolution for the new year?  


Did you know that the most popular resolutions — every year — are to lose weight and exercise more? Clearly, people care about their health. But we all know it’s not always easy to eat right and exercise regularly. Life gets in the way…schedules are busy, time is short, and we are always trying to do more than possible. Because of this, we crave convenience. After a long day at work, it’s easy to skip the gym and indulge in some of your favorite comfort foods.  


Because The Store is first and foremost a convenience store, we know all about convenienceand we’re proud of it, too! But, the fast food industry has instilled the notion that quick, convenient food has to be bad for you. What if we told you that’s not actually true? 




We thought you might be.  


So, what’s this awesome news all about? We’re here to let you in on a secret: there are plenty of quick, convenient, and tasty snack options at The Store that are actually very healthy. That’s right, we said healthy! 


Thirsty? Let’s explore your beverage options. Instead of beelining it to the soda section, check out all of our delicious water and juice options. If you like carbonation, try a Bubly Sparkling water. There’s also Detox water, Vitamin Water Zero, and of course, plain water! Nothing wrong with the original, right?  


If you’re in the mood for fruity flavors, give Orchard Pure 100% Orange Juice a try. Tea is another healthy choice, and we’ve got lots of it! Whether you opt to sip on Pure Life Unsweetened Tea, Kombucha, or Lipton Green Tea, we think your taste buds will love it as much as your body does! 


And that’s still not all! When you skip the cream and sugar, coffee is actually a low calorie drink. If you’re a coffee-holic (you know we are!), try to slowly cut back on the sweeteners in your daily cup of joe. Try adding skim milk in place of creamer. By doing this, you’re avoiding a whole lot of extra sugars and calories, which, as we all know, add up over time!  


Alright, you’ve got your beverage picked out. Now we’ll head over to the snacks!  


Let’s start with the fruity side of things. In the mood for a cup of Dole Peaches or Mandarin Oranges? We’ve got you covered! You’ll also find Bare Apple, Banana, and Coconut Chips at The Store. These are packed full of vitamins and natural, healthy carbs and sugars…the kind your body needs to function! We’ve got many awesome granola options too, like Bear Naked Granola Bites, Nature Valley Bars, Kind Bars and Belvita Biscuits. Granola and grain are great sources of long-lasting energy for busy days on the go. 


If you’re in the mood for a salty snack, trade regular chips for a bag of Lay’s Baked Chips. Because they’re baked instead of fried, there is much less oil and fat in these tasty crisps as opposed to traditional chips. Plain Ritz Crackers, Skinny Pop Popcorn and Snyder’s Mini Pretzels are also healthier snack options available at The Store! 


If protein is what you’re after, we’ve got no shortage of that! Protein promotes muscle growth and repair and helps keep you feeling full longer…a win-win! Nuts are a great source of protein and healthy fats. Pick up a bag of Pistachios or unsweetened/unsalted Planter’s nuts. Chobani Greek Yogurt, Hard Boiled Eggs, and P3 Portable Protein Packs are additional protein-filled foods at The Store. And of course, meat is high in protein! Snack on Country Fresh Meats Smoked Chicken or pick up a Turkey Deli Sandwich for lunch.  


You may have noticed we’re skipping the candy aisle for now…sorry! While candy isn’t the most healthy snack offered at The Store, there can be treats every once in a while! 😊  


No matter what your taste in snacks – salty, sweet, savory, or otherwise – you’ll find healthy options you’ll love at The Store. We care about our local communities. The health of our Guests and their families is important. Making sure good-for-you options are quick and convenient is just one of the ways we ‘re helping to promote stronger communities. Eat healthier, feel better, be happier…we’ll help you achieve your new year goal every step of the way! 

The Store Gas Station Coffee Bar

You’re probably familiar with The Store’s tagline: Gas, Food & More! But what exactly does that mean, what’s included in the “More” category, and why should you care anyway?  


Well, our tagline conveys one key point…The Store is your one stop shop for everything you might need to refuel your vehicle and yourself.  

The Store is not just any old convenience store, and we’re proud of that! Let us explain:  


This is the obvious one…we have gas to keep your car moving! Leaded, unleaded, premium, diesel, we’ve got it all! No matter what your ride needs, we’ve got fuel at low prices and convenient locations. And the coolest part? We proudly sell North American fuel products, helping to support American jobs and keep your money in our communities. Whether you’re gassing up on your way home from work or before heading off on a road trip, trust us to provide great fuel at awesome prices! 


Alright, now we’re on to the second (and more delicious) part of our tagline. Before you roll your eyes and think “Doesn’t every convenience store have food?” hear us out. Plenty of C Stores might have food, but it’s not like our food! 

Of course, we offer typical gas station snacks: candy bars, chips, beef jerky, granola bars, soda, juice and the like. Not to toot our own horn, but you’ll find a pretty wide range of these products at every location of The Store! Additionally, The Store has a large bakery selection with fresh cookies, muffins, donuts and pastries. However, it’s what we offer outside of these items that we think really sets us apart. 

When you visit us, you’ll find fresh-brewed Aromas coffee to help you to make the most out of your day. Whether your palate favors black, flavored, or seasonal coffee, we’ve got you covered.  

And the fresh beverage choices don’t stop there! In most markets, you’ll find Bean-To-Cup and F’real machines! What are these intriguing contraptions, you might ask? Our Bean-To-Cup machines grind and brew delicious coffee beans right before your eyes…it doesn’t get any fresher than that! And, to make things cooler (literally), the F’real machines allow you to customize milk shakes, smoothies, and blended coffee drinks in a variety of flavors. Try ‘em out…these drinks are almost as fun to make as they are to drink! 

Mmm…smell that? That tasty scent is coming from our hot, fresh, ready-to-go food selections! In the mood for a burger, fries, cheese curds, or fried chicken? We have all these options and many more at The Store! We’re all about offering quick, convenient, and quality options to our Guests.  

Whether you need a quick breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner for the family, The Store has everything you need! 


But wait, there’s still more! 

In addition to gas, snacks, beverages, fresh bakery items and hot food selections, you’ll find a whole lot more within our aisles.  

From cough drops to air fresheners and Advil to auto oil, The Store has your everyday needs covered. Out of milk, bread, butter, or eggs? Skip a trip to the supermarket and pick up these household staples much more quickly at The Store! 

But what’s the very best thing you can find at The Store? Our helpful, kind, smiling Associates, of course! 

No matter where or when you visit The Store, a friendly face is sure to greet you and help you find whatever it is you might need. Our top priority is great Guest service – let us help make every day more friendly and convenient for your family.  

So, the next time you need gas, food or more, we’ll see you at The Store! 

Deer Hunting Essentials blog Gas Station The Store


‘Tis the season…hunting season, that is! Before you head off to Deer Camp, make sure to stop at The Store for these hunting season essentials.


1. A Steaming Cup of Joe

First things first…coffee! Soon you’ll be up before the sun to trek out to your secret hunting spot. We get it – it’s not always easy to wake up before 6 am knowing you’ll be sitting in the cold waiting for a deer or two to walk by. But hey, don’t worry! We’ve got just the thing to motivate those early mornings: a fresh cup of coffee from The Store! You’ll always find our gourmet Aromas Coffee hot, delicious and ready to go. No matter what gets you going in the morning – fresh ground, black, flavored or blended – we’ve got it all.

2. Warm Hands = Steady Aim

Onto the next order of business…how will you keep your hands warm after the coffee is gone? The last thing you want is shivering, unsteady hands while you’re aiming at the biggest buck of your life. Trust us, the nerves won’t help with that either!

Not to fear, you can pick up hand warmers at The Store! Remember to grab a few sets with your morning coffee to ensure you’ll be toasty and prepared all hunt long.

3. Beat the Mid-Morning Munchies

By now, you’ve been sitting in your stand for a few hours. Your stomach is grumbling and your patience is wearing thin. What do you do? You can’t head back to Deer Camp yet!

Well, we can help you out here, too. The Store has an amazing selection of snacks to keep your hunger at bay and your focus on the hunt.

Candy bars, cheese curds, meat sticks, cookies, and beef jerky are just a few of the many options available at The Store. We suggest steering clear of crunchy foods while you’re out hunting, though – we’d hate for your bag of chips to scare away the critters!

4. Beer!

Well, you’re back in from the woods. Whether you managed to snag that big buck or not, your dedication to the hunt deserves to be celebrated!

Start a roaring fire, cook up a hearty dinner, and knock back a few brews. You can count on The Store for a great variety of local, domestic, seasonal and unique beer options. Whatever you’re in the mood for, make sure to pick up enough to get you and your crew through the whole weekend. After all, this is one of the best parts of hunting season!

5. Did Anyone Bring Advil?

It’s Sunday morning of opening weekend and you’re feeling worse for wear. You get up early to squeeze in some time in the woods, but after a late night and one too many beers, a headache is inevitable.

Lucky for you, you remembered to grab Advil from The Store! Wash two of those life-saving tablets down with a big glass of water, and viola, your morning hunt is saved! Good thing you got your hunting essentials at The Store, huh?


We wish all hunters a safe, fun, and prosperous season. No matter what you need for opening weekend, we’ve got you covered. Head over to The Store and stock up on the necessities to keep you fueled and warm all season long. Happy hunting!

Salvation Army volunteer smiling

Maybe you’ve noticed them – the brightly colored paper kettles that line the walls of The Store during the holiday season. They’re cheery, vibrant, and festive, depicting the iconic Salvation Army Red Kettle that we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing outside of the grocery store or in the mall this time of year.

But what is the significance of these pieces of paper proudly posted by The Store Associates for all to see? You can probably guess that this is The Store’s unique version of the Red Kettle fundraising effort that supports the Salvation Army for the past 7 holiday seasons. That’s great, but how big of a deal is it? After all, what difference could some colorful pieces of paper make?

Well, the important thing isn’t the slips of paper themselves, but instead what they represent. Look closely and you’ll see that each Paper Kettle is printed with either $1, $5, or $10 increments and displays the signature of the donator. Every Paper Kettle symbolizes and celebrates a donation as well as the individual who generously gave to support the cause.

What does the money support, you might ask? The Salvation Army exists to meet human needs in many forms. Providing shelter, supplying food, and supporting veterans are a few of the well-known deeds performed by the Salvation Army. They do much more, however, including educating children, helping disaster survivors, battling human trafficking, and fighting to prevent domestic abuse.

The Store has been supporting and promoting the Paper Kettle Campaign since 2013 and shows no sign of slowing down. To date, $98,871.31 has collectively been raised with the support of The Store Guests through this effort, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Salvation Army. The coolest part, though? The money raised at each The Store location stays local. This means funds are given to the Salvation Army Center nearest each convenience store. By doing this, The Store and generous Guests are helping relieve needs in their local areas.

The 2019 Paper Kettle Campaign is underway and continues until December 31st. Next time you stop in, please consider donating in support of the Salvation Army. After all, it is the season of giving!